Introduction to Accel Golf

Watch our instructional videos to learn how to use Accel Golf!

Coach & Folder Management

What to write?

On your Accel Golf StatCard, write the starting distance and end location of each shot. If you missed your target, fill in the bubble that corresponds to the location of your miss. Each cell is meant for a single digit.

Penalty Shots?

If your ball goes into a penalty area, fill in the bubble in the “P” column and the appropriate miss bubble. Your end location for that shot should be the place where to take relief or drop (ex: Rough).

Score higher than 6?

Fill in all the shots, up through your 6th shot. When you are verifying your scanned StatCard or editing the round, you will be prompted to add a shot on that hole to ensure that the last shot entered goes in the hole. Just make sure to remember all shots after the 6th!

Can I fold the StatCard?

Yes! You can fold the StatCard – in fact we designed the sheet to fold into even thirds by column, and in half horizontally. We do not recommend having any folds through the middle of a table as that may cause some difficulty with scanning the StatCard. Make sure when you are scanning, that the StatCard is flat. Fun fact, if you fold the StatCard into thirds, it fits perfectly into a glove case!